UBBA (pronounced oob-a) is a Half-Elf druid who belongs to the circle of the shepherd. He was born to a human woman who was a member of a nomadic tribe of humans. There is an intense connection to nature and a strong chauvinistic attitude towards outsiders and those of non-human descent as well as tribe members from other tribes. Ubba’s mother had relations with a wood elf and gave birth to a child. In the beginning, his mother kept it a secret and only told her sister about him. The moment he was born, it was clear that he was different, and as he matured, it became obvious that he was something more than a human being. Since his mother had passed away years earlier, his aunt was the only person he could confide in. Due to societal pressures and the detachment from his extended family, the boy left the house at the age of 15 after suffering from scorn and hardship without a mother. As an adult of 38 years of age, he has come into contact with other sentient beings on a limited basis, making acquaintance with a few and passing by, but no longer. He has the desire for greater enlightenment and the desire to connect more deeply.

It is Ubba’s aunt Agna, who loves him like a mother, who knows him best. He knows the elders as well as some of the barbarian tribe’s members. In a final incident, a priest and an innkeeper were harmed by wild animals, and Ubba healed them and helped them find their way home. According to people, he was part of a large temple dedicated to some god (but Ubba didn’t care much about that) until they reached some unknown destination. This innkeeper was a friend that he made when he was passing through the town. During his stay at the inn, the innkeeper treated him very kindly and made sure he had a few drinks. The innkeeper searched the town in an attempt to find her without success.

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