After a long day’s travel north toward the goblinoid boundaries, Ivalti sits to rest near a creek bed on the northern side of the lake “?” It has nearly been a year since the ambush, and… the last time he saw his father.  

His jawline quivers while he grinds, his teeth in anger as the memories flood his head.  His tattooed fist slams down in the muddy shoreline.  “I just can’t remember his name!” he harshly whispers to himself.  Looking down the stream, the colors reflecting the flowing water start to swirl together.   The sound of the water moving over the shallow bed begins to drown out the anger.  Ivanti’s gaze fixes on a far-off place.

Ivalti’s father was a serious but loving man.   He was known as the most knowledgeable elf in the clan as far as the terrain and history went in the region.  His father had lived, hunted, and explored the woods, coast, and mountainous terrain for over 7 decades.  He was also very sharp when dealing with the outside world, quickly closing in around the tribe.  

Tiryulanthas HowlingWind was an excellent communicator, which was rare for his people.  The Baron of Soffux, Sir Keller Longsail, had asked him to guide his transports of weapon supplies. The journey began at the coast and ended at the foothills after crossing marshes and forests. The soldiers needed these weapons to guard the border against the goblin threat to the North. Tir made sure to guide his son in the ways of his people and prepare him for the changing world.  Ivalti was raised to respect the land and understand its many voices and secrets.  Ivalti was allowed to start traveling with his father when he was only 93 years old.  He helped with loading cargo, identifying trails, and learning how to wield different weapons.  

Baron Longsail’s appreciation for Tir allowed them to stay as guests in his castle while preparing for transport.  Baron Longsail quickly became fond of Ivalti and spent time giving nobility, trading, and warfare lessons.  Baron Longsail did not have his own kids, so he would look forward to their visits.  For over 10 years, not a single transport had been lost or attacked because of Tir’s guidance.  That all changed…

It was a routine transport to the North, the weather was in their favor, and they were ahead of schedule.  They would stop in a clearing just south of the lake “?” and set up camp for the night.  When the horses trotted over the ridge, they would rear up with shock as a burst of flame flared up around the front of the caravan!  The captain started shouting out orders which immediately halted as a spear pierced through the side of his neck.  Ivalti saw his father grab his hand ax, an heirloom passed down for 4 generations.  As Tir ran towards the front of the caravan, Ivalti strung his bow, put on his quiver, and started to knock and arrow…  

When Ivalti awoke, his head was spinning with a piercing headache.  He tried to take in his surroundings, but his eyes would fight him for minutes.  As his vision cleared up a bit, Ivalti’s face hardened with fear and then concern.  Soldiers and orcs lay strewn about the hill dead.  His eyes darted back and forth as he walked towards where he’d last seen his father run.  It was utterly silent.  “How long have I been out?”, he thought aloud to himself.  As he cleared the top of the hill, all he could see was more of the same. Soldiers and orcs lay about dead.  There was no trace of the cargo cart or his father.

Ivalti immediately picked up the cargo cart’s tracks and headed in that direction.  He traveled North non-stop for days, only stopping to drink a few sips of water.  When Ivalti came upon a marsh in the northern part of the region, he saw something shimmering.  As he ran forward, approaching the object, he overcame fear.  It was his father’s ax!   He looked around, almost expecting to see his father but knowing that would not be the case.  After hours of trying to locate tracks or a trail to follow, he was unsuccessful.  The thought crossed his mind to head South to speak with Baron Longsail. However, he might lose precious time to locate his father.  He MUST still be alive!

Ivalti set his mind to locate his father and the murdering bandits that ambushed them!

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