Burkhardt looks around at his companions, “I guess I owe everyone an explanation…” Yes, I am a werebear. It is not a curse for my family; it is a blessing from the Silver Lady, Selune, Goddess of the Moon. I am in complete control of my form at all times, even at the height of the full moon. While my bite is not contagious, I maintain the presence of mind not to bite anyone who I do not intend to kill. My family has lived in Silverymoon for generations. Three generations ago we were granted a holding by the then Lord of Silverymoon. Being a werebear has bred true in 4 out of 10 births for centuries, and we have been devout followers of Selune from time immemorial.

I am the fifth of nine children and the third so far to breed true as a werebear. We are probably the largest gathering of werebears on Toril. Many of us enter the clergy and serve the Silver Lady. I did my novitiate, in the Dalelands, where I met most of you. For now, I am cleric-errant; a wanderer who goes about doing good deeds in Selune’s name and generally helping those who I can, like this unfortunate here. He is infected and has little control over his form, and is unlikely to if he keeps following this.

At this, Burkhardt picks up the prayer book of Ilmater, looks at it briefly, and then sets it back. In addition to producing a fair number of clergy and lay members of the Church of Selune, my family has also produced quite a few warriors and a few mages of note. We are also involved somewhat in trade, as my family produces lemon blossom honey and an associated mead. Stop snickering, yes bears like honey.

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