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How this started

Some years ago, while living in the Richmond, VA area, I was sifting through the remnants of my once massive roleplaying game collection, the majority of which I had sold off years ago. I began reminiscing about my many years of gameplay and the many friends I had made. The only way to satisfy the lingering feelings was to find a group of people willing to come to my house for bi-monthly gaming sessions. I posted an ad on Craigslist, not knowing if I would get replies. After weeding out the folks that misinterpreted my ad, “Role Players Wanted for Adult Dungeon Fun,” I found my group. Within a few months, we were sitting around the table, re-immersing ourselves in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons second edition. Sitting around the table rekindled my love for gaming, and once again, I began playing Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

About this Site

I started this site to track the campaigns I run and provide resources for players and other DMs. It’s transitioned over time, but at the core, it is still meant to serve that function, a player’s resource for my campaigns. I have once again relocated to advance my career and am currently running a campaign in the Fort Mill, SC area, south of Charlotte, NC. If you’re in the area and would like an evening of diversion trying to raise your character’s level without raising your blood pressure, check the calendar on the home page or contact me directly and I will send you a questionnaire to see if you’d be a good fit in our group. Come engage your imagination and throw off the superfluities of life. You will be glad you did!

Gaming Table

About Me

First, here are a few words about my roleplaying history. My uncle was on leave from Germany in 1984. He ran the Original D&D module (TSR 9115 B7) Rahasia for three of my cousins and me. At nine years old, my cousins and I were hooked. We purchased all of the Original D&D box sets and every resource we could find. In the early ’90s, we slowly transitioned to AD&D 2nd edition and picked up new games (well new at the time) like Shadowrun as they were released.

We alternated DM’ing for the first few years as our group ebbed and flowed with kids from school and the neighborhood. My cousin and I played every night in the summer with various friends. Through middle school and high school, I became the full-time DM. I played every unoccupied waking moment during my school years. Weekly after high school, while in the Army (except for a couple of deployments), when I was in the field) and in college. After taking far too long of a break (four years), I returned to the table. You can find me at my LGS playing adventure league or Friday Night Magic in the summer. I’m a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering! I try to stream on MTG Arena on Saturday nights from 7-9. Hit me up if you want to go head-to-head and jam some games.

-Todd the DM