Darsun Meadowbrook

Darsun Meadowbrook was born in the woodlands outside of Elventree. His mother, Maradre Aldaron considered him to be a gift from Solonar Thelandira and he was raised in peace and harmony with the wild lands that they inhabited. His mother is a priestess of Solonar and a rarity among their tribe. She can read and write and possesses healing knowledge that few of woodland elven people do. When Maradre was a young elven maiden she happened upon Biltow Meadowbrook who had injured himself while hunting in the forest lands. His injuries were not great, but Maradre used her blossoming healing powers on the young ranger and while nursing him back to full health the two became romantically involved. Biltow was a wanderer at heart and his purpose in life was to travel all of Faerun and learn the ways of all the forested lands and the inhabitants of these woodlands. He was aware of his child and named him Darsun. Biltow visited his lovely elven maiden and his son often through the years of Darsun’s childhood and was a positive influence on his son’s life despite long periods of absence. He taught his son the use of weapons and furthered his woodland training as did his uncles in his woodland elven tribe. As Darsun grew older and stronger he took after his father in appearance. His lighter skin and blonde hair clearly marked him as a half-elf, but he maintained the respect that was given to his family as a line of healers and true believers in the holiness of the wood and the hunt.

When Darsun reached the age of divining his spirit animal he became concerned about his father’s longer than usual absence. While he had grown to accept and respect his father’s wandering ways, he thought that possibly some calamity had occurred causing him not to return for more than two seasonal cycles. Darsun left his tribe with some small ceremony and the tears of his mother to seek out the fate of his father. Along his journey encountered giants, halflings, gnomes, dwarves, humans, and elves. He found in his travels that all races could be destructive of the nature that provides all living things with all they need. He especially had trouble with a group of giants that were involved in the destruction of forest lands. He acquired some magical items in his journey that help to continue his travels in search of his missing father. He travels by foot and tries to stay close to the wild lands of Faerun, but does venture into settlements occasionally seeking news of Biltow.

While traveling, Darsun came across an adventuring party of humans and found them in a rather bad state as they had run low on food supplies. Pitying these creatures and thinking about the wanderings of his father, he killed a deer and shared the meat with the party. He discovered that they were stronger than they first appeared, especially the over joyous cleric named Hope. He followed the party into a dungeon structure known widely as the Haunted Halls. When devastation occurred and most of the party was wiped out he followed Hope into a magical tapestry. Strangely he found himself in a crypt far beneath the surface of Faerun, but he did locate Hope. After some trials with his new associates, he emerged on the surface to find that he was in a strange place of sand and trees of odd growth. He doubts that his father would travel to this land and wishes to make his way back to the temperate lands of Faerun, where he is more likely to meet with his father.

Darsun has no loyalty to these new associates, but maybe their strength and adventuring spirit will aid him in the quest. He prays to Solonor Thelandira that he is choosing wisely. There seems to be a concentration of rangers among this group and that does lend some comfort to the choice he has made. An elven magic user also lends a hint of familiarity. Strangely, they seem fascinated with some special type of gem, and why would anyone want to leave open skies and the comfort of the forest for crypts, false gods, and evil idols? They appear to have some sense of goodness because they have provided rescue to an apparently helpless maiden of the people of this dessert. Only time will tell if these adventurers will prove to be friends worth having or trouble that should have been avoided.

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