Freedom of the Waves

“It is good to feel the water under us and the wind in our sails. Before I came to live in the city, I had the opportunity to live and work aboard ship. While I was not yet completely free, it was my first taste of freedom. Now I have a chance to return to a port town, where beings are often more accepting of differences in people, as travelers and traders have many appearances. The women of the ports also often find value in being on the arm of a courageous and handsome rogue such as myself.”

“We have had great adventures together, brothers, and I look forward to even greater rewards, but I am pleased to be on the waves and heading to a port city, rather than being ambushed by trapped doors and traveling through the mind-bending worlds of the World Serpent. It pleases me to see that my brother in arms, Rochendir continuing to be a great warrior and slaying the evil-doer. His strange appetites also make me laugh. Elven wisdom may have kept us alive and I appreciate life, but mine will certainly not be as long as Serrilion’s and I will kill the evil-doer without much contemplation. I must admit I am confused by the contradictory behavior of our brother Broknar. I generally appreciate his direct and deadly approach. Our newest companion is proving to be useful in teaching me the ways of the stars in navigation. Even a priest can’t be all bad if his god wants him to destroy evil with steel.”

“Now we have gold and magic to aid us in our quests. It is good to have this time to travel and think, but I cannot wait to see how Jack Tooth enjoys the taste of evil blood.”

“Enough talk, I will check the ropes and sails and ensure that our traveling companions are attending to their duties. I respect and return the loyalty of LLuweth, but hired men are often only as loyal as a coin.”

Slayers of Sea Trolls
Brothers, I thank you for helping me to attempt to avenge the treatment of my youth. I will not allow myself to die until I have killed those who mistreated me, and I look forward to returning to this hunt. Since it was inquired – I was born and raised to age 14 along the coastline between Teziir and Westgate. The orc who spawned me commanded a small loosely organized band of orc raiders who focused on small-scale slave trading. Female slaves were utilized in rope making and males in breaking stone from the cliff along the coast for use as ship ballast. Some raiding along the Traders Road to replenish slaves and other necessities. Trade primarily with pirates of the Dragonmere. My father (Tharb Thupar) was the leader of the band. Only full-blooded orcs were treated as free beings and that freedom being limited to the orc sense of freedom (the strongest rules). I, Gurthu (Stonebreaker) snuck aboard one of the pirate ships trading for ballast stone and rope and served on the ship for two years. I then jumped ship in Westgate where I found employ in various wholesome trades before meeting Jinx and being recruited for her mission.

I have familiarity with the coastline between Teziir and Westgate, minor pirates (flags, ships, patterns of travel in this area), familiarity with Westgate (especially the shadier parts of town).

I pleased to be developing my navigational skills as we travel and even more pleased with Jack Tooth and it’s ability to find the spine of those who attempt to board the vessels we guard. I hope our reward is adequate for what we endure. It is good to see the continued strength of Rochendir in battle. It is also good to know that he floats. I am much impressed with Serrilion’s ability to manipulate flames. It brings me joy to see death appear from his hands. Broknar continues to aim true and if I know anything about his story, I would like to see him place some well-aimed arrows towards his own kin. Vengeance and death to the evil doer.

The scars I now bear from the sea trolls will only enhance my comely appearance and the ladies of the next port will likely find me that much more irresistible. If we continue to face foes such as those I will certainly not have to concern myself with dying in bed at an old age, bless Helm.

If we live to have a return sea journey, I would like to make use of Lemmy to further grow our treasure trove. I will grant him his freedom after one year of service and time is passing quickly as we travel. I do not believe that any sentient being should be enslaved for life and once his debt is adequately paid I will wish him well on his journey to his aerial realm.

Plan of Attack
“I am not sure how we should proceed. We have had trouble with trolls in the past, and it seems that there will be these retched beastsese retched beast. I have potions of flight, giant size, and levitation and we can utilize them, however, will allow us to defeat the evil dragon cult. We should possibly consider eliminating the trolls first, especially if we can do that quietly. I do not understand how a little girl can be a dragon, but I have seen a man turn into a bear. Will the child be of any aid in this battle? She has avoided all violence to this point in our journey. I am willing to use the cover of darkness to gain more information before we approach. I am open to all suggestions, as I believe this may be one of our greatest challenges yet.” – Stonebreaker

“We have slain an intimidated the evil doers and obtained a piece of the puzzle we are trying to solve. Thank Helm for our insightful brother elf, we were able to bring forth some treasure from the belly of the worm that nearly devoured Rochendir. I am pleased with my new dogs and they have already proven useful in battle. I only hope they do not meet the fate of nearly every horse who makes our acquaintance. Our new brother, the dwarf is full of surprises. His bat like wings and mighty ax will surely aid in our endeavors if he does not join our previous party members in death. I hope that the leader of the oasis has more information than the other travelers of the desert we have met. For people so adept at surviving this harsh environment, they don’t seem to have much useful knowledge. Possibly it needs to be beaten out of them. I would certainly like more information of the rumored jeweled city. It gives me great pleasure that this adventuring life is full of opportunities to kill the evil of Faerun, but it certainly could be more profitable. As slavery seems to have some acceptability in these lands I wouldn’t mind freeing some slavers of their purses and maybe some amount of their blood.”