Darsun Meadowbrook – Hawk Guardian of Solonar

We have returned to my homeland and left the burning sands behind. I am grateful to be alive and now I must return to my mother Maradre to hear if there is any word of my father. I will maintain contact with the party of adventurers that I traveled within the desert by occasionally visiting Elventree. But, following our people’s tradition, I will not lead the adventurers into our tribal lands. I will also trade in Elventree as my people have done for a long time. I will study the ways of the fletcher, bowyer and wise men who understand the weather. I will also practice swimming in the woodland ponds and rivers. I will meet with Serrilion as he appears to be the treasurer of the party and ask that he assist me in turning all of my shares into easily transportable gemstones. What I have to contribute to the party treasury includes 1,740 gp, 30pp, a handful of gems and another gem, 4 earrings value – 1800 gp, 1300 gp, 900 gp, 900 gp. A magical flail, a magical dagger, 3 bone scroll cases and a copper medallion. I will purchase magical arrows as they are available and place the remainder of my gems in the safety of my mother’s temple until I can utilize this treasure to construct a temple of my own to glorify Solonar Thelandria. I will participate in the hunt to assist in feeding my people and in the full moon celebrations to the hunting people of Solonar. I will replenish my supplies of necessities to work the priestly magic of Solonar. I will spend three moons to complete my task and visit with family and friends. If my father has not returned, I will continue my quest to find him. If he has returned and all is well, I will return to the adventuring life until I am able to construct a temple in a more suitable location.

Our initial forays into the forest have met with limited success. I have found no indication that my father has been here recently. The meeting of the Dragon Cult seems to be a false lead, which is no surprise coming from the mouth of evil. Maybe the rumored dragon bones will present a better opportunity. If there are truly these bones and they are to be used for evil purposes we should go there and destroy the bones. I would like to hunt down these twisted Dragon Cult members and extinguish them from the face of Faerun.

I am also interested in finding out more about Hillsfar. The evil that appears to emanate from there is of great concern to me. There can be no peace or goodness in isolationism and racism. The half-orc we rescued is an indication of what will happen to all good people if we allow evil to continue to exist.

My search for my father has become a secondary concern to me. The wisdom granted to me by Solonar has me convinced that this party of adventurers has a higher purpose in creating a world where the good can live in peace. Hopefully, I cross paths with my father or find out what has occurred to keep from home for so long, but I must put aside my selfish search and consider what good I can promote in this world of chaos.

Darsun Meadowbrook – Hawk Guardian of Solonar

Addressing the adventurers in Elventree

Fellow adventurers – I will be leaving for Phlan without delay. I have received word regarding my father’s whereabouts. He is likely in great peril and it sounds like Phlan is under siege by evil forces. I would be honored if you would all join me in this quest. I have found you all to possess bravery and insight that will certainly help me in successfully rescuing my father and possibly saving Phlan.

Darsun Meadowbrook – Hawk Guardian of Solonar

Meanwhile back in the civilized area of Phlan…Darsun heals from his self-inflicted wound and continues his studies of bodily health while waiting for the group to decide the best way to divide the treasures they have obtained in their recent battle. He searches out ways to replenish his magical arrows, including seeking the aid of wizards and holy men. He also furthers this possibility by constructing his own high-quality arrows that could be blessed or instilled with magical properties. He asks The Grim and Serrilion if they know they know how his arrows could be given greater power through magic. He enjoys an occasional brewed beverage at the inn and listens to the songs and stories of the bard Ysberin Gurganus and enters into conversation with him as time permits. Darsun also makes a last plea to Betal Woodleaf to answer the call of Solonar, “He is truly the god of wood elves, I have seen your battle skills and knowledge that you are a protector of the good, you should join me in worship at the next full moon when we have the opportunity to visit my tribe.”