From the Personal Journal of Keryx

It has been quite some time since I’ve had any news to report. I received a special mission from Gonah on behalf of the Harpers several months ago. This has been my most challenging assignment yet. At first, I thought it would be simple. Find Serillian, bring him to Gonah. They had met before and departed on good terms. It really shouldn’t have taken this long, but every time I got close, I would receive word that he was suddenly thousands of leagues away. Alas, it has allowed me to see many parts of this wondrous world. Once I have seen all there is to see, perhaps I will follow in my father’s footsteps and explore other worlds.

My sources directed me to a lost temple of Amun-Re, and I met a halfling who was headed in that direction as well. We decided to travel together and shared stories by the evening’s campfire. I found it curious that he never did divulge where he was heading. He seemed content to tag along with me, so we entered the temple together.

What a spectacular place! I had never seen such confusing hallways. We wandered for what felt like days until we entered a room with four levers. I used my danger sense to ascertain that this room meant trouble, but I couldn’t tell my halfling companion exactly how I knew this. Most find my abilities scary, while some primitive cultures may consider me a demi-god. The truth is that I am far from either. My mother always said these gifts come from my father’s blood. Apparently, wandering the temple with no idea how to leave and my reluctance to explain myself pushed the halfling over the edge. As I was thinking of a way out of this maze of madness, I received a blow to the back of the head. When I awoke, my quarry was in front of me! Luckily, his reputation as one who avoids violence unless absolutely necessary proved true, as I was not harmed nor bound when I awoke.

They had found the drawing I was carrying and once I explained that Gonah had sent me, I seemed to no longer be under suspicion. They didn’t ask too many questions, so I did not have to deceive them. I didn’t tell them my real name, for we all know there is power in names. Serillian did not wish to abandon his current quest and join me in returning to Gonah. Apparently, this group unknowingly unleashed an ancient evil upon the world and are now seeking the legendary Star Gems to set things right. I, therefore, must assist him with his mission so that I may complete my own.

We finally made our way out of the maze, finding a catwalk above that led us deeper into the temple. In one of the rooms, the ceiling fell upon us and seemed to be alive! I had read of such creatures, but never dreamed I would encounter one here. I used my armor of gaseous form to escape from underneath the creature and helped slay the beast. No one was too gravely injured, and we continued on our way. We heard some tapping in one of the walls and discovered a gnome named Prit. He appears to be tunneling simply for the joy of tunneling. Ah, to live such a simple life! He tells us there is a treasure at the other end of his current tunnel, so we squeeze through. We found not gold, nor silver, nor gems, but a strange container with a heart in it. I believe it may be some sort of phylactery used by a lich. The half-elf Darsun senses evil and we immediately attempt to destroy it. The container is much tougher than it looks, but we shatter it just as its owner arrives.

Continuing on, we find Amun-Re’s burial chamber. Searching around for this Star Gem, I discover that a painting on the far wall is actually some sort of portal. There is a ship floating and on it appears to be our missing Star Gem. I use my armor again and float to the deck of the ship. We pull it close, retrieve the gem as well as a tidy sum of gold and platinum. Serillian discovers how to teleport out of this temple, using the staff and gem. He is every bit as smart as Gonah told me. After all the goods have been brought out, we load them into Serillian’s portable tower. How convenient! I must learn more about such a wonderful item.

I can see great potential in this group of heroes. Their hearts seem to be pure and their intentions good. Some of their decisions have been a bit rash, but I think that is a fault we all share. Time will tell if I can reveal my powers to them. For now, I shall keep up the ruse as a traveling bard with a knack for acquiring things, be it information or something shiny…