The Harness of the Seeker

The Harness of the Seeker is a powerful gift from the god Seeker, granted in times of great need. It is shaped like a glove with holes for fingers and a harness that extends down the wrist and forearm. The Harness is of Neutral Good alignment and its usable by good-aligned clerics only to destroy undead; anyone not of good alignment will take d4 points damage per round that it is worn.

The Harness vibrates whenever undead creatures are near. If the cleric wearing it extends his arm, the Harness will detect all undead within 30 feet of him in the direction his arm is pointed. The Harness is capable of discharging a 30-foot-long bolt that will do 40 points of damage to any undead creature; all the cleric wearing it must do to discharge the bolt is to point her arm at the undead creature within sight and range and say the word Seeker.

The harness is a charged magical item with respect to bolts. Each bolt uses one charge of the 5 maximum the harness can hold. The device gained its charges through the sacrifice of a magical item on the altar consecrated to the Seeker. If a magical weapon is sacrificed, the device will have a number of charges equal to the highest “plus” of the weapon; thus if it were a sword +1, +2 vs. dragons the Harness would have 2 charges. If a rod, wand or staff is sacrificed, the Harness will have a number of charges equal to the charges of the sacrifice, to a maximum of 5.

When the finial charge is expended, the magic weapon or item sacrificed will reappear in the hand of the person who sacrificed the item. The item will be in the same condition as when it was offered. When the sacrifice is returned the Harness disappears. No one can receive the Harness of the Seeker more than once.

The only known consecrated alter is in the Crypt of Badra Al-Mosak near the Oasis of the White Palm.