In the free PDF, are a list of a few NPC personality’s that any DM can use on the fly. I fully flesh out my NPC’s as need arises during the game. With a little work these could also be used by players for a new character idea. I have included a few blank pages at the end of this that can be used to flesh out your own NPC’s. Use the format if you like it. Email me with any comments or questions, DM Todd.

The format I use is below, while I label each heading you will notice that when I develop my NPC I type over the heading. I think most of the categories are self-explanatory but in case you are a new DM or have not fleshed out NPC’s before I will explain how I use them. The Name is what the NPC is called. Sex, Race Class Alignment and Abilities are all defined by the system that you use these characters for. I interchange these NPC’s between D&D and Pathfinder with ease. I’m sure it could be used for other systems two, I just do not play anything else.

I give a few sentence description on how the NPC looks and what they maybe are wearing. I jot down a few words that may describe his general disposition. I develop a moto, kind of an outlook on life, likes and dislikes and any quirks that will help the NPC seem like a real person. There is a lot of information online about character development for writers. I suggest a quick search if you are felling stuck.

The introduction and interview are used to help guide the initial encounter with the NPC. Adventuring and fighting experience is a way you can convey what level the NPC is to the characters without actually giving them a level. You will notice that while I write out a few notes here I do not actually assign a level leaving this open for what I need in game play. Time in location lets the PC’s know what type of information this NPC may have. Again I do not detail what the NPC knows or does not know at this time. I make that up as needed during game play. I find this a good way to mislead players or guide them as needed. Finally I describe how detect evil spell would read and what type of pay the NPC would expect if employed as a hireling.

I hope you find this to be a useful resource. You can get a free copy of the NPC-Tracking Log here. If you like this please sign up for the mailing list, join and share this site on social media. Have fun and Game ON!


  • Sex: Race: Class: Alignment: Abilities: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha.
  • Brief Description:
    • Disposition:
    • Motto:
    • Likes:
    • Dislikes:
    • Quirk:
  • The Introduction
  • The Interview
  • Adventuring and fighting experience:
  • Time in Area:
  • Detect Evil Spell Results:
  • Pay:


  • Male Elf Thief, LN. Str 11, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 8, Cha 9.
  • Corga is from the local forest. He has copper hair and dark green eyes, and a beaked nose. He wears leather armor and wields a club and javelins. He is slow to respond, either contemplating his answers or he just doesn’t pay attention.
    • Disposition: Friendly, Kind-hearted, Ponderous
    • Motto: Never throw pearls before swine
    • Likes: Costumes
    • Dislikes: Heat
    • Quirk: Frequently misunderstands or makes incorrect presumptions
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Tells bad jokes- How do you get holy water? Boil the hell out of it
  • The Introduction
    • A copper haired lanky wood elf dressed in leather armor with a club hanging from his belt and carrying a javelin is the first to answer your call. His dark green eyes keenly survey you. He stand in front of you and just as you are about to speak he introduces himself. “Hail friends, I am known as Corrga of the forest.” After a long contemplative pause, “You seek fellows to join your crusade…” (Again he pauses almost blankly looking at you.) Before you speak he starts again, “I think you could use my skills. After all you know how priests get holy water don’t you?” He what’s for you to reply. “They boil the 9 hell out of it… you get it…” Not that I’m a priest or anything…
  • The Interview
    • Adventuring and fighting experience: After he composes him-self and a long pause… “I have applied my skills throughout the local forest… (Pauses to collect his thoughts) even delving in a few long forgotten ruins. I made my way here across the grassland… (He stops and looks off into the distance)….” He studies your face seeming to pounder your expressions.
    • Time in Town: Newly Arrived
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: untainted
    • Pay: 300gp for 1 month plus ½ of equal share of treasure

Atel Staby

  • Female Human Fighter, LN. Str 17, Dex 13, Con 9, Int 12, Wis 7, Cha 13.
  • Atel is fair in appearance, with thin gray hair and hazel eyes. She hails from Damara and is not used to being in civilized lands. She wears banded mail and wields a scythe. Atel speaks with a loud voice.
    • Argumentative: Hot-tempered. Dresses in furs.
    • Motto: Never be led by peer pressure.
    • Likes: Summer
    • Dislikes: Fall
    • Quirk: Superstitious
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Has a bad reputation
  • The Introduction
    • You hear a woman loudly exclaim “Well Met!” as she approaches you. Her banded mail can is barely visible through the furs she wares. Your nose burns from her body odor, her un-kept straight grey her betrays her age as her hazel eyes scan your table. She wields a scythe she that firmly plants and leans on. “Well Met! (She broadcasts loudly) people call me Staby! Though my name is Atel (she pauses to scratch her crotch), I am here to join your party!” She is not quite screaming at you but she is talking in a very LOUD voice.
  • The Interview
    • Adventuring and fighting experience: “My experience!” humph, “I was laying waste to Bulette, Cockatrice and Ogre Mage before you were out of diapers!” Her face is flush and eyes wide with irritation. “Why what did these fools whisper about me…”
    • Time in Area: For many seasons.
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: untainted
    • Pay: 800gp and a fair share of the loot.


  • Female Dwarf Fighter, N. Str 13, Dex 8, Con 8, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 13.
  • Her clan calls the Star Mountain home. Undin is short and thin, with thick silver hair and large gray eyes. She wears field plate mail and wields a battle axe and hand axe. Undin is searching for the lost Dwarven mines, which she believes the undead dwarves no occupied.
    • Curious: Intellectual. Known by as the Bum.
    • Motto: Never be too proud to ask for help.
    • Likes: Lizards
    • Dislikes: Other Women
    • Quirk: Always chewing on something
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Often gives others bad or incorrect first impressions
  • The Introduction
    • A dwarven warrior decked head to toe in field plate mail saunters up and slams an ax down on the table. “Heard ya fellows be looking for help. You’ll be needing some from the looks of ya.” You’re not sure but you think it’s a female dwarf, her beard isn’t as long as Bowsers.
  • The Interview
  • Adventuring and fighting experience: “I swung my axe against many a foe.”
    • Time in Town: Arrived just after the undead Dwarves vanished.
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: untainted
    • Pay: a full share of all treasure found


  • Male Human Paladin, LG. Str 11, Dex 10, Con 9, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 14.
  • Rarder rides from the Baulder’s Gate and serves Ilmater. He has silver hair and narrow green eyes, and a broad nose. He wears splint mail, a shield and wields a flail.

    • Pessimistic: Depressing. No common sense.
    • Motto: Remember the ones who love you.
    • Likes: Drama
    • Dislikes: Military
    • Quirk: Chews his nails
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Gullible
  • The Introduction
    • A man dressed in splint mail wielding a shield with a flail strapped to his back strides up holding his head high. His silver hair is cut in the classic monk style, his narrow green eyes gaze down his broad nose at you. His shield bares the holy symbol of Ilmater. “Well met, brothers in arms. Judging by your station I believe you are whom I seek. I am Rarder, holy warrior in service of Ilmater.”
  • The Interview
    • Adventuring and fighting experience: “I hail from Baulder’s Gate in service to Ilmater as a holy warrior. I have alleviated the suffering of many in my days.”
    • Time in Town: Last few days.
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: untainted
    • Pay: Aid on his quest to retake the temple in exchange for 1 month’s service. Must retake the temple first.


  • Male Human Fighter (Barbarian), N. Str 14, Dex 7, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 11.
  • Freyny is Rahemen from the Mulsantir. He is common in appearance, with white hair and hazel eyes. He wears hide armor and wields a battle axe and throwing axe. Freyny seeks revenge against the sister (Asta) who betrayed him. Capricious: Impulsive. Hick.
    • Motto: Be more diplomatic with adventure.
    • Likes: Horses
    • Dislikes: Lizards
    • Quirk: Frequently misunderstands or makes incorrect presumptions
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Openly Racist Against nonhumans
  • The Introduction
    • Is it a best or a man wrapped in hide and furs, either way the stench wafts at your nose. It’s a man, he pounds his chest with one hand and lifting his battle ax high with the other, “I am Freyny of Rahmen, Slayer of Orc.” His hazel eyes dart back and forth from you and your companion. “My ax is at your service if it can end orc scum.”
  • The Interview
    • Adventuring and fighting experience: I fought in the Theyvian incursion and against the Horde. I am battle tested.”
    • Time in Town:
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: untainted
    • Pay: 1 full share of all treasure and council payments, plus a guarantee that he will kill something every day, no sitting around on our arse.


  • Male Half-orc Thief, LN. Str 9, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 9, Wis 6, Cha 7.
  • Safrica of Vassa is heavyset, with straight copper hair and amber eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a morning-star and sap. Safrica abandoned his guild. Courage: Shy. Bald.
    • Motto: Don’t underestimate the time it takes to do something.
    • Likes: Intricate things
    • Dislikes: Rocks
    • Quirk: Blinks excessively
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Does good deeds often
  • The Introduction
    • Cloaked in heavy wool, a heavy set man approaches. Tuffs of copper hair protrude from his hood, which occasionally opens to reveal amber eyes. He rest her gloved hands on the table and leans in. In whispered tones “I am Safrica of Vassa and I can assist you in your quest. I pilfer what others cannot.”
  • The Interview
    • Adventuring and fighting experience: I have explored many places and encountered many foul beasts.
    • Time in Town: A few months.
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: tainted
    • Pay: What will you offer?


  • Female Elf Bard, NG. Str 12, Dex 8, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 8, Cha 12.
  • Ceithla has golden hair and blue eyes. She travels from Simberholm in Cormanthor. She wears studded leather and wields a short sword and short bow. She plays an eight string Elven Lyre. She says should would like to chronical the tales of your band.

    • Courage: Fearless. Miserly.
    • Motto: Live and learn.
    • Likes: Fall
    • Dislikes: Vegetables
    • Quirk: Frequently misunderstands or makes incorrect presumptions
    • Interpersonal Interactions: Unconcerned with politeness
  • The Introduction
    • Melody fills the tavern as an elven minstrel strums an elven lyre and begins to sing an elven tale. She mesmerizes most of the patrons with her voice and strumming. A hush falls over the tavern as she meanders to where she sits and with a somewhat dramatic flair ends her ballad. (Insert Elven Character Name)I presume, I am Ceithle, and I hail from southern wood in our home land. I have heard you’re tale and come to chronical it for the generations to follow.”
  • The Interview
    • Adventuring and fighting experience:
    • Time in Town:
    • Detect Evil Spell Results: untainted
    • Pay: Whatever you feel is fair.